How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?

5 ways advertising by mail is beneficial

Are you hesitant to invest in a direct mail campaign for your business? Here are five reasons that might change your mind and will have you signing up to advertise your business with direct mail by the end of the post.

Direct mail has a high response rate

Direct mail has a great response rate compared to other marketing methods. In 2021, house lists had a 9% response rate, and prospect lists had a 4.9% response rate. This is nearly double the average email marketing campaign. This high response rate is contributed to many things, such as the piece of mail being a physical reminder of a brand’s message, and the valuable presence of mail – much more personal than an email.

Direct mail gets open and read, people are curious. It is also personal

In 2021, standard direct mail open rates reached nearly  90%, with email marketing campaigns averaging a 23% open rate. When a personal piece of mail is addressed to the resident with their name, curiosity is spiked.

In fact, according to a study, 59% of people enjoy getting postal mail from brands promoting new products. Because of the tangible appeal, physical mail can serve as a reminder that your brand is present in the community and interested in them as a resident and a customer.

Direct mail is familiar and builds trust

Receiving an email from an unknown brand or sender can raise red flags for receivers, but a physical piece of mail can’t infect a computer or hack into your digital system. That is why sending direct mail builds reputation and trust among consumers, and especially resonates with seniors or those who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with technology.

Direct mail is creative

An actual piece of mail offers unlimited creative options and ways to make your business stand out from the competition. With opportunities like textures, sizes, 3D objects, colors, consumers are likely to remember your business when they receive a colorful, large, personalized piece of mail in their mailbox.

Direct mail complements digital marketing

Despite the stats, digital marketing and direct mail complement one another, rather than compete. Direct mail can be used throughout the marketing process to present the consumer with the same goal as digital marketing and online ads.

One way to do this is by sending out barcodes or QR codes that residents can scan and bring to an online webpage. Another idea is to run a direct mail campaign in which the residents get an exclusive offer or discount.

With a long list of benefits, advertising by mail increases overall performance, customer engagement, and return on investment. Contact us today to get started! 

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How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?