How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?

Snail Mail – Myth or Fact?

The phrase “Snail Mail”, or “smail” for short, was created in reference to mail carried by the traditional postal service. The first recorded use of the phrase was in a 1942 article in the Lowell Sun.  The term is self-explanatory; often the traditional postal service can take time to deliver from the sender to the receiver, but this is often a myth. In fact, it takes only 1 to 5 days on average in the United States for mail to arrive. However, this is often dependent on the carrier you send it through.

The Myths of Mail

Standard United States Postal Service is the typical delivery method, where you drop the letter or postcard in your mailbox, and let the mail carrier take care of the rest. This delivery time can vary anywhere from 2 to 8 days, and the cost of a stamp is on average $0.46 for a letter under 1 oz. Receiving your mail within a week is nowhere near the pace of a snail!

Another option is sending your letter via first-class mail if it is a high priority or highly confidential. First-class mail is a secure delivery within 3 days, with 96% of first-class mail arriving within one day when sent locally. If the mail is sent nationwide, it arrives within 3 days.

If you need expedited delivery, priority mail is anywhere between one-day delivery and two days when nationwide. However, priority mail will cost you more, with the price of a 1 oz letter being $5.60 for 1-day delivery, and $6.95 for cross country shipping. Overall, the term snail mail may have been used back in

Personalized Direct Mail: Priceless

However, if you are a business looking to expand locally, the cost of sending personalized direct mail is priceless. Personalization is what makes customers feel valued and appreciated, and what catches their attention.

Think of opening your own mailbox, and pulling out a stack of junk mail, bills, and miscellaneous fliers. This monotonous mail gets tossed aside in a pile and forgotten about for weeks, However, with a personalized piece of mail, the rates of engagement and revenue are valuable as our postcards survive the inevitable recycling bin of the other mail in the box.

Our Timing

At Celebration Marketing, we have the timing down. For Birthday or New Mover Mailings, cards are mailed First Class, about 5 business days before the 1st of the month, just to ensure it arrives on time within the first few days of the month. Our mail originates from our facilities in Virginia and California, so arrival dates could vary based on your location. Snail mail no more! Send personalized mail to promote and boost your business! Contact us today to get started. 

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How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?