How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?

Special Occasion Experts – What This Means, and How to Celebrate It

At Celebration Marketing, we like to think of ourselves as the Special Occasion Experts. People love being remembered on their special day, and in moments of celebration, we often take a step back from our mundane daily lives to be more mindful.

According to social psychology Fred Bryant, when we stop to appreciate the good moments, we buffer ourselves against the bad ones and build resistance – even if they are mini-celebrations throughout your day, the act still makes conquering daily challenges more manageable in the long run. The term Bryant refers to is “savoring” when it comes to appreciating or celebrating.

His research suggests that we don’t always respond to these “good things” in ways that maximize their positive effects on our lives. Bryant is in the process of analyzing a wide range of studies on savoring to configure what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few findings on how to celebrate the good things.

1.     People who celebrate together stay together

Humans treat positive events like positive news. We tend to tell people when we are happy, or appreciative of a certain moment. In fact, people who share positive feelings with others are happier overall than those who don’t. Celebrating is a way to bond and prolong relationships.

2.     Congratulate yourself

Take credit for your hard work. People who recognize their successes are more likely to enjoy the outcome. It isn’t selfish to be proud of yourself, and this in and of itself is a reason to celebrate.

3.     Get absorbed in the moment

Try to turn off conscious thoughts and absorb positive feelings during special moments. Studies of positive experiences showed that people most enjoy themselves when they are absorbed in a task or moment, and in a state of “flow.” This is a state where we lose track of time and place, and children are the best at this.

4.     Remind yourself of how quickly time flies

It is important to remember that good moments pass quickly, and to consciously appreciate them. Realizing how short-lived certain moments are and wishing they could last longer encourages you to enjoy things while they are happening.

Savoring and celebrating moments are essential to the human experience. At Celebration Marketing, the proof is in the puddings, and celebrating is in our nature. Through our special occasion and neighborhood radius mailers, we help thousands of consumers celebrate special occasions. We send a sincere message, include a complimentary gift, and use colorful imagery to reflect the spirit of celebration.

If you want to differentiate your business from hundreds of competitors, send out a personalized gift when it counts with the help of Celebration Marketing. Personalized direct mail is one of the strongest ways to market your business, and you can expect great success from Celebration Marketing – another reason to celebrate. Contact us to get started today!

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How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?