Why Do You Need Website Visitor Retargeting?


Website retargeting is a way for businesses to remind people about products or services they showed interest in, hoping to bring them back to make a purchase or take some other desired action.

Website visitor retargeting is important in the sense that:

  • Consumers typically visit your website for a reason
  • There is interest but they often leave without taking action
  • These warm leads are looking for information to help make a purchasing decision
  • Engage with them before your competition does

Celebration Marketing can help you engage with your site’s visitors before your competition does!

How Celebration Marketing’s Website Visitor Targeting Helps:

Our website visitor targeting can help you and your business with the following:

  • Quickly grow your customer database
  • Use our technology to record the IP address of website visitors
  • Visitor information is compared to a specialized consumer database
  • Identify about 30% of anonymous visitors, including contact information and demographics where available
  • Market to matched visitors utilizing print or digital channels

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Website Visitor Data


The first person to make contact with the prospect wins the sale 65% of the time


96% of website visitors

leave without taking action


It takes 8-12 touches to make a purchase

We were able to secure over $80,000 in potential sales over the first 1 and a half months, of which we may have never had the opportunity to harvest before.

-Mark, President
C3 America

Celebration Marketing has a proven record of getting results for businesses just like yours!

Website visitor targeting is perfect for:

Home improvement, home services, landscaping, auto dealerships, real estate agents, med spas, HVAC, jewelers, and more! Any and every website can greatly benefit from website visitor targeting.