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What is barcode tracking and how does it work?

Barcode tracking is an easy and cost-effective way for businesses to manage and track their physical assets. Daily, more than 5 billion barcodes are scanned.

Barcodes have become an inexpensive replacement for time-consuming manual tracking methods and offer increased accuracy, reduced errors, a simplified record, and lower costs.

History of the barcode

For centuries, businesses struggled to keep tabs on inventory management. Manual punch cards were proposed, but an easier and more cost-efficient way was desired. Barcode asset tracking was developed in the 1950s, with a variety of designs ranging from a circular bullseye pattern to the linear barcode used today.

One of the most important factors related to the barcode is the laser. Especially sought after in supermarkets, a technology race for patented laser scanning technology began in the 1970s. Scanning barcodes sped up the checkout process, increased accuracy, decreased theft and fraud, and allowed for quicker inventory audits.

Today, barcodes and barcode tracking require less hardware to operate, with only tracking software, a scanner, and a barcode to function.

QR Codes

In the 1990s, the first QR codes were unveiled. QR codes differ from bar codes because they have increased functionality, storage, and accuracy.  In comparison to traditional barcodes, QR codes hold 300 times more data all while using the same amount of space. QR

Barcodes Today

Today, barcode tracking and QR codes are an everyday necessity. Many apps use them every day such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Google Pay, and the future looks prominent for barcode usage regarding virtual payment systems, information systems, and tracking systems.

At Celebration Marketing, barcodes tell us important information, like when mail was sent out, processed, and delivered. Managing our mailing activities helps us create the best-personalized mail for your clients. Boost your business today by targeting your customer and tracking the results today with Celebration Marketing.

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How many potential customers near you celebrate their birthday next month?